Oxford School prom Hummer Limo


School proms, you have got to love them haven’t you. Our cheap limo hire members of staff here at Oxford Hummer limo hire love them too, which is why you will find only the very bets in Oxford School Prom limousine hire if you decide to come to our pink Hummer limo hire company to procure our services. It is the end of your secondary school life and you are completely correct if you think that a huge fuss should be made over your Oxford school prom. This is where our Oxford pink Hummer limo hire company like to step in. Whether it is Cherwell School, Magdalen College School or King Alfred’s School where you have been studying for the past few years of your life, we can assure you that our Oxford School Prom white Hummer limo hire service is second to none.

School Prom Limo Oxford

As soon as you and your fellow school friends step onto our pink Hummer limo hire vehicle, you will be bowled over by how vast it is and how much a pink paradise it is too. If you are one of those Oxford ‘girly girls’ then we can say with all due circumspection that our cheap limousine hire services for your Oxford School Prom black Hummer limo hire needs are the best and make no mistake about it.

We definitely do serve all the schools leavers in their respective schools around Oxford because we do not want anyone missing out on what could be one of the best nights of their young lives so far. So if you live in Cowley place and you attend the famous Magdelen College school you can be very certain that our pink Hummer limousine hire vehicles will be there to assist you. Perhaps you are a Littlemoore resident and have been attending Peers School. If that's the case, no problem! Let us facilitate your needs with a black Hummer limo hire tour of Oxford before dropping you off at your school prom with the simplest of ease. We also will pick you up from your house in Kidlington and take you to your Gosford Hill School prom if you need us. We just want you to treat yourself as much as possible.

You will find on your boarding of our Oxford Hummer limo hire vehicle, chilled bottles of alcohol free champagne. You might not be of the legal age to drink the real stuff just yet but we can assure you that we only supply the very best stuff on out Oxford Hummer limo hire vehicles and it tastes just like, if not even better than, actually bubbly. We also would like to point out that you are free to use our laser lighting system, our DVD and LCD TV set up so you can watch your favourite movies within the comfort of your own pink Hummer limo hire vehicle in Oxford.

From then on our Oxford school prom Hummer limo hire chauffeur can take you all on a tour of the city and other students from other Oxford schools can look on in jealousy as they see you and your fellow friends having the time of your life inside one of our pink Hummer limo hire vehicles. So, be the envy of everybody inside one our Oxford school Prom limousine hire vehicles available from us at very cheap limo hire prices.


Oxford School Prom Hummer Limo